DALSTON SOUND - UK, july 2015

"...freewheeling scrapbook of abrasive multi-instrumental duos..."
"...Fischer’s feedback sax sounds more like feedback electric guitar than anything you’d hear from John Butcher, the only other saxophonist I’ve heard exploring the technique. Fischer’s fretboard runs blend with vocalisations in a way that, when combined with Baggiani’s freewheeling percussion on lead tack “The Fire”, produces an effect not unlike that of noise rock bass/drums duo Lightning Bolt.

... Having demonstrated excellent breath control already, Fischer plays in hoarsely vocalised breath-bursts, much like Peter Br√∂tzmann does in combustible duos with drummers Paal Nilssen-Love or Steve Noble. And Baggiani shows he’s in the same class. In fact, on this evidence he’s the more elastic of the three drummers, constantly sounding small crisp contact sounds off of tautly measured free-beats..."
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CD bAgg*fisH  -  bAgg*fisH's three work stations' album
release at Trytone Records / freetone series 2013 

feedback_sax / drums
1 the fire 5:17 * 2 the steam 3:53 * 3 the mine 4:29 * 4 the engine 6:29 * 5 the passage 2:37
violin / small instruments
6 breeze 5:19 * 7 expedite 5:05 * 8 prospect 3:00 * 9 confer 2:11 * 10 grant 1:39
tenor saxophone / drums
11 bAgg*fisH's home base 1 7:37 * 12 bAgg*fisH's home base 2 7:22 * 13 bAgg*fisH's home base 3 6:04 * 14 The cheerful forget-me-not 1:01

art work by Nahuel Vedia

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